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Weekend Love

Naeman —  2021 / 1 Tracks / profimusic / 4061707560248

Why is it so difficult to fall in love nowadays? Even if every person has the desire to be loved. Everything happens quickly and also passes quickly. A wipe to the right, the next possible love is already in the row and the feeling of happiness fades more and more.

The song “Weekend Love” is about the fact that it is necessary to make different experiences in order to find out what is important to us. Of course, it’s good to think about it, but it’s also possible to think too much and sometimes you just have to face life day by day, enjoy it and live it. Actually, we all long for a long-term relationship. But this is something that everyone has to figure out and decide for themselves as they go through life. Naeman: “I think everyone has the desire to be loved and wants a longer relationship, or even better a love forever. To be able to look back together on what you have experienced is a very beautiful thought.”

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