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Getting to know someone, daring into a relationship and gaining trust is always a gamble, combined with the hope of making the ultimate lucky strike.
But dating can also become an energy- and nerve-sapping game. The song “These Games” was written by the original street musician, songwriter and dancer Naeman exactly because of such experiences. Naeman says: “Nobody deserves such games. Dating is not a poker game, it’s better to lay your cards open to each other and be considerate of each other’s hearts.”
Together with Tamara Olorga (LEA, Josh, Vanessa Mai, etc.) Naeman wrote this song at a session in Berlin and gave the production into the hands of Thomas Porzig (Apache 207, Die Lochis, etc.).
Surely also Naeman’s origin with roots from Italy, the Netherlands, Indonesia and Switzerland, as well as knowledge in guitar, piano and drums play a big role that with “These Games” a very creative, international and independent song was created.
“After a long break, I’m looking forward to actively writing songs again, being in the studio and hopefully playing live again soon,” says Naeman, who has been on Street Jam tours in over 35 cities so far, including Milan, Berlin, Zurich and Paris.

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